Web and mobile app for effective truck
routing, built on an accurate database of restrictions and toll roads
Save money on transportation costs
Routes created with our app are up to 35% more cost-effective because we specialise solely in freight transport.

Key features

  • Unique Algorithm
    Our algorithm selects the most cost-effective route among all available options.
  • Exact data
    To ensure accurate routing, we consistently review and update a comprehensive database of road restrictions and toll roads.
  • Mobile app
    Our mobile app allows dispatch managers to send routes to to drives with one click.
  • Routing/Tiles API
    Our application can be integrated into your software platform using the API that is based on industry best practices .
Who's problems do we solve?
  • Forwarders
    make offers that are not guaranteed to be profitable, leading to a loss of revenue as a result of inaccurate cost estimates.
  • Drivers
    need an easy way to access assigned routes on a mobile device.
  • Dispatch Managers
    struggle to create cheapest routes that comply with restrictions associated with HGVs.
  • Developers
    creating applications for the transportation sector require a quality API for truck routing.
Mobile app for drivers
Road Restrictions
Routes created by our service take into account road restrictions for trucks e.g. height, weight and length.
Reduces Miscommunication
Eliminate uncertainty and follow the exact route your manager has in mind.
Easy to use
Forget about having to manually enter complex routes, simply accept routes from dispatch managers.
Offline Maps
Follow routes anytime regardless of internet access and save money on international roaming.
Speed Limit
The app warns drivers if they are exceeding the speed limit.
Low Memory Footprint
Save space in your phone memory by utilising offline maps.
API for developers
We provide Routing/Tiles API to build TMS/CRM solutions
An example of our custom tiles is illustrated above
If you need transport mapping solutions, leave your request in the form below.
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